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The Island of Sicily ... The Jewel in the Crown

September 17 through September 28, 2018

Join Roberta & Henry for "Small Group Travel at its Best"

"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all,
for Sicily is the clue to everything" J. W. Goethe

The Sicilians say "First I am Sicilian, second I am European and third I am Italian". Does that say it all? Intriguing names of places such as Palermo, Monreale, Cefalu, Agrigento, the Valley of Temples, Ortygia, Erice, Marsala, Trapani, Mount Etna & Taormina will all come to life, woven together in a tapestry of discovery for twelve days in September, 2018.

“Personalized Travel” is proud to announce the details of our Island of Sicily tour with Roberta & Henry.

We only have limited spaces available on this tour,so it will be on a"first come, first served" basis.

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Together we will visit a medieval hill town on one of the highest mountains in Sicily where their "cottage business" is making and serving pastries ... including the famous cannoli. Travel the "salt road" of Trapani and photograph the evocative windmills there ... taste the two most famous dessert wines of Marsala … "ambra" (gold) and the other "rubino" (red). We will explore the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and walk through the newly excavated and restored Roman Villa Casale in the countryside of Piazza Armerina. This famous villa was part of a 3rd / 4th century AD estate, and is one of the most fascinating locations in archaeologically rich Sicily.

Be amazed at the Baroque architecture on the Island of Ortygia near Syracuse. What a thrill as we stand directly in front of the masterful painting, in the Duomo on the Island of Ortygia, of "Santa Lucia" painted in 1608 by Caravaggio.

You will "go beyond" your perceptions of Palermo as you encounter Monreale Cathedral as it was the pinnacle of achievement of Norman art.

The food ... the antiquity ... the history & stunning, sweeping ocean panoramas make this trip "an itinerary not to be missed".
We almost forgot to mention our Range Rover Trip around Mount Etna culminating with a farm house lunch at a winery.

P. S. We will also offer optional horseback riding trips during the itinerary.


Roberta Kritzia ... A LIFE OF ART AND TRAVEL

Roberta will be conducting a series of "on location" morning workshops using her color mixed media techniques throughout the tour's itinerary. For a suggested material list contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mixed Media - Olive grove, Italy

Roberta, Thank you SO much for the wonderful art demos! Your knowledge and skills are, of course, impressive. But it is your passion and delight in exploring and sharing your love of art. That was the greatest gift you shared with us."

Sue S.

Mixed Media - Arches, Italy

Don't forget to send in your $300 tour deposit by February 15, 2018 and you'll receive a free Sicilian Cooking Class, including lunch (valued at $195)

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Contact: Personalized Travel at (480) 907-7436
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Early Sign-Up Bonus


Send in your $300 tour deposit by February 15, 2018 and you'll receive a free Sicilian Cooking Class, including lunch (valued at $195)

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Or call us at (480) 907-7436 for more info

What our travelers are saying...
  • The "tour" doesn't really feel like a tour but a "personal" group of new friends traveling together.
    Shirley G, Ed.D.
  • It was everything and more than I had expected. We were all so lucky to have you both as our personal tour guides. We got to see and experience many things in Italy that the average tourist doesn't even come close to.
    Jenny M.
  • It would be impossible to think of such a fun packed tour coming off so flawlessly without our resourceful Roberta and fearless leader Henry, we love you guys!
    Liisa & Bob G.
  • I didn't think anything could ever top our last adventure with you, but this trip to the Cinque Terre, Lucca and Venice will always be an unforgettable time in my life.
    Gloria M.

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Searching for the Path of Dreams

and sharing it with fellow travelers
roberta kritzia and henry

This is the philosophy that has motivated Roberta and Henry for the past 32 years on their personally crafted tours throughout Europe.

Enjoy meals that whet the appetite and are a feast for the eyes, as well as 4-star hotels carefully selected by Roberta & Henry.

There will be ample time for sketching, painting and photographing.

Looking forward to sharing our love and passion of travel with you.

Roberta and Henry


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